Welcome to the Kents Hill School, a co-educational day and boarding school for students aged 13-18, founded in (YEAR?). One of the oldest public schools in England, Kents Hill School has an excellent reputation despite the fact that many odd events have happened at the school and in the nearby town of Rothbury over the years.

Mission Statement

Kents Hill School is committed to providing a first-class all-round education for all its girls and boys, regardless of background, gender, religion or culture, in a friendly and supportive community in which all our pupils are able to develop their talents (both academic and non-academic) to the full.

We believe that girls and boys who are encouraged to work hard, to play hard, to take advantage of all the School has to offer and to look after each other will be in a good position to face the next stage of their lives with quiet confidence.


Kents Hill School is one of the oldest schools in Britain but it was not until (YEAR?) that the first girl became a pupil here and (NAME?) House came into being. Between (YEAR?) and (YEAR?) girls were admitted to the Sixth Form only and in (YEAR?) the School became fully co-educational, admitting girls in all years.

Kents Hill School is committed to co-education because we feel that girls and boys should grow up together and learn to live and work side by side, as in real society. We believe strongly that the quality of teaching that goes on in the classroom is more important to pupils’ quality of learning than whether girls and boys learn separately or together per se.

We do, however, believe that girls and boys need to be away from the opposite sex for some of the time and that is why we have single-sex Houses within the wider co-educational school community. In this respect, we feel that our pupils can have the best of both worlds!

Many of our activities benefit hugely from the co-educational nature of the School, notably Music and Drama, although the girls and boys have the chance to perform as separate sex units in our annual House Music and Drama competitions, two of the pupils’ highlights of the year. The vast majority of sports are single sex activities, mixed hockey being one of the rare exceptions.

Dresden Files: School Knights

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