New Powers


Creature Features

Humongous Size (-1): REQUIRES HULKING SIZE. Your size increases from Hulking. Increase all Hulking numbers by 1.
Scion (-1): Inherently Inhuman. Some things are learned, and some things are inherent. Choose one skill associated with your lineage, and define a condition under which you have a +1 bonus to that skill. Inhuman Features. Perhaps it is slight, perhaps overt, but in some way your features betray your heritage. When dealing with people who know what you are, you have a +1 to either Intimidation or Persuasion, depending on their viewpoint of your heritage. Inhuman Contacts. Choose two Contacts Trappings. You are +1 when using these with regard to your progenitor’s kin/kind.

Faerie Magic

Pixie Dust (-1): Your heritage causes you to exudate dust from your skin. You can use this dust to give yourself or another Flight for a scene. Sprinkle your dust on a friend (or foe) to let them fly. They use Conviction to Fly. (You can use your own dust to give yourself flight if you don’t also have wings.) You can spend Fate points for multiple uses in a single scene.
Psychedelic Dust (-1): REQUIRES PIXIE DUST. Instead of flying, you can throw your dust, using Fists, as an attack at an opponent in the same zone. If you succeed, the target gains the “Hallucinating” aspect. Each round the target must use discipline to defend against your total to avoid taking mental stress. The target can use an action to roll Discipline to end the effect.

Minor Abilities

Nevernever Powers

Roving Portal (-2): REQUIRES WORLDWALKER. You can create a rift that will open upon a condition and can bestow such a rift on another. The rift will not function or stay open longer than a scene. Rifts function as described under Worldwalker.

Psychic Abilities

Reader (-1): This power works almost identically to psychometry except it is used when you touch another person. The touch can be as casual as a handshake, but skin to skin contact is required. When using this power you can either see images (similar to psychometry) or you can roll Conviction vs Discipline to learn one of the target’s aspects.




Please note that neither Cantrips nor Formulae have magic items slots or specialization bonuses.
Cantrips (-1): you have begun to learn how to channel energy. You are able to use the following effects from Evocation: Counterspell (YS 253), Deliberate Hexing (YS 258), Mundane Effects (YS 259). Additionally, choose one element. You know one rote from that element, and the maximum strength of that rote cannot exceed your Conviction. If you ever change this to Channeling or Evocation, you must choose the same element you already have access to.
Formulae (-1): your study of Thaumaturgy has begun. This power works exactly like Ritual except that your Thaumaturgical effects are limited to your Lore skill.



True Faith

New Powers

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