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Character Creation

Power Level: Let’s call it “Looking at the Water”. This means 4 refresh, 15 skill points, and the skill cap at Good. PLEASE NOTE: as the campaign continues, these will go up. But, at this point, you are just starting out.


The phases as described in Your Story do not quite work for this game.
Phase 1: The Background does not need to be changed (and neither do High Concept or Trouble), but it should probably be a bit more tied to an earlier part of your PC’s youth.
Phase 2: Since this campaign is, in a way, your own Rising Conflict, this aspect is superfluous. Instead, this phase is (insert teen angst here).
Phase 3: The First Adventure phase only needs a small tweak. Call it “First Year”. What happened during your first year of school? Was this how you learned about the supernatural?
Phase 4: works as it is written.
Phase 5: The Guest Star redux is typically pretty useless since you all either know each other or know of each other. Instead, this phase is about Motivation. What motivates you to get involved in the odd goings-on at School? Do you have an agenda or set of beliefs that drives you?


- at PC creation, you may not take powers costing -3 refresh or higher. This restriction will be removed at the first Major Milestone.
- PCs may not take powers costing -4 refresh with the following exceptions:
1) Seelie and/or Unseelie magic
2) True Shapeshifting and/or modular abilities (only after 3 Major Milestones)
3) Sponsored magic (if the GM approves the sponsor)
- PCs must be alive and corporeal.
- the following templates are not allowed at PC creation: Champion of God, Knight of a Faerie Court, Red Court Infected, White Court Vampire, Wizard.

If you wish to eventually be a Champion of God, Knight of a Faerie Court, White Court Vampire (or Virgin), or Wizard, you can say so at PC creation and have a quasi-version of these templates. You have to come up with the quasi-template.

New Template: Scion

Musts: Your high concept must reflect your lineage. Additionally, you must take the Scion power (see new powers).

Misc. Rules Stuff

Escalation: the DM may offer additional fate points when compelling, but each additional compel MUST target a different aspect.
Free Invocation: when Maneuvering to place an aspect OR to declare a minor detail, you gain an EXTRA free tag on the aspect if you succeed by 3 or more. Call this “Success with Style”.

Finally, you can find new powers here.

Rules Stuff

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